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The 8 Best Apps for Musicians

These are the 2 most important apps

you need as a Cellist (or any Musician)

ForScore - THE Music Reading App! - It does everything (too many things to talk about here) and you should get it if you’re ever going to be playing music from a PDF. Among other things, it can help you organize all your music into libraries or setlists. Scan physical sheet music right in the app. Crop and Reorder PDF pages. It even has a basic tuner and metronome built in. It's the BEST!

Tunable - My favorite tuning app right now! The tuner picks up cello really well and it has great drones for practicing. It also shows you your intonation over time, which can be really interesting. You can even have multiple pitches creating chords to practice with. There are a good assortment of temperaments and you can add in your own formulas. The app also has a metronome. You can also record in the app and it will calculate the percentage of time that you're in tune. 


Other tuning app options: Cleartune, Pitchlab, Pitch! Please

These Six Apps are Extra Credit

Acapella - Multitrack recording and a fun online community of musicians. If you've ever wanted to play cello duets with yourself, this is the app for that. Record up to 9 parts/voices easily (I've recorded up to 17). The app even allows you to export the audio as separate tracks for editing. 

IMSLP App - The world's biggest and most used online library of sheet music in the public domain. Everything is on here.

Theory Lessons - Great for extremely clear music theory lessons. From the fantastic online resource!

Tenuto - Follow up your work on Theory Lessons with Tenuto, another app and improve your aural skills and functional music theory knowledge.

Passaggi - Are you a baroque musician looking for an app to help you practice divisions? Want continuo for your Ortiz Recercada at any tempo or pitch? This app has flexible backing tracks for baroque improvisations.

HandyRecorder Pro - This app turns your phone into an old school Zoom recorder so you can record your practice sessions and lessons. You can edit panning and reverb in the app.

Click the images above to find these 8 Great Music Apps in the App Store

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