Starting March 19th, 2020 I've been recording a Bach Chorale a day from my NYC apartment as the city shelters in place for Covid-19. In my professional life, I've found that chorales have the potential to be neglected because of their simplicity but in some ways Bach's four part chorales are the most distilled microcosms of his work. Since the middle of April after recording all of the chorales in the St. John Passion for the week of Easter, I decided to work through Bach's cantatas in order of BWV numbers (Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis... how Bach's works are categorized). To date, I have recorded over 114 chorales, 11 arias, 2 arioso, 3 chorus and 4 recitatives using the instruments in my apartment, treble viol, piccolo cello aka 5 string cello, bass viol aka viola da gamba, and baroque cello. 

During the pandemic, the ritual of recording these chorales has given me structure and sanity. Everyday, I record a movement from the next cantata, most typically picking the four part plain chorale at the end. This means I spend the morning engraving/arranging the chorale for my instruments depending on the key, range, and my mood and then I use the app Acapella and my iq6 zoom mic to record each part on my iPhone. The best parts of creating Bach Everyday have been living with these lush complex harmonies, diving deep into each new cantata and exploring Bach's musical language, and interacting with listeners around the world! 


Have you enjoyed watching these chorales? As a classical musician, all of my live concerts for the foreseeable future have gone online and I'd very much appreciate your support. Here are a couple ways you can support me. Thank you!


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As Featured in

As Featured in

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"The show is not over... Questlove keeps spinning into the early morning. Sir Patrick Stewart has been reading a Shakespeare sonnet every day. Sarah Stone, who plays cello and viola da gamba, has stuck to her “Bach Everyday” performances from her apartment in New York City. Since March 19, she’s done a Bach Chorale each day." 

Geoff Edgers

The Washington Post

June 10, 2020

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ABOVE: Michael Andor Brodeur

Classical Music Critic

The Washington Post

March 31, 2020

LEFT: Saskia Maxwell Keller, 

Early Music America

August 31, 2020


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